Fried Hard Drive


6 years of images lost! That’s what the genus guy at the Apple Store tells me. Not to worry I think. Most of my pictures I post to shutterfly. So what if I’ve lost some documents there’s nothing I can think of that’s too important.

That night I lay down to go to sleep and I remember some nights when I have a hard time falling asleep I watching old videos…. oh no! I didn’t backup any of my videos! 6 years of small 1 minute clips from my phone that took up too much space so I downloaded to my computer for “safe keeping”. GONE!

One video in particular I remember watching is of my daughter using my phone to take a video of herself. Laughing because she can see herself and can talk to herself. She has these big bouncy cheeks, curly pigtails and a high pitched voice. She is cracking up at herself. I start to remember all the videos I have taken over the years. My heart sinks as I try to remember the details of them all. I’m laying in bed trying to remember my daughter at this age and I can’t. Is the video the only memeory I have of the is time. This random day when she was 3.

Then there’s a knock on my door. Usually my response is a harsh get back to bed. But tonight I just want to hold her. We snuggle for a while and I tell her all about how she had the best cheeks and what a sweet thoughtful girl she is. I think about these memories and my need to record it all. How will I remember all these moments.

Then I come back to this moment, this quiet moment, just the two of us together. I can’t get over how tall she has gotten and how long her hair is. How she went from this silly inquisitive little toddler to this wonderful thoughtful imaginative little girl.

Then I realized I didn’t loose anything. The memories might fade, the details hazy or replaced with new ones but these are my moments to remember.


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