Holding onto summer

Hey everyone has their ways!
I was perusing through the beer aisle today ogling over of all the seasonal summer beer that I might not find till next year.
So I filled up my cart! I decided I’m going to enjoy them a little longer.

With only days left till Labor Day and my kids counting down the days till the start of school made me realize… I’m not ready to let go!
I am loving these lazy mornings. Not having to wake to the sound of an alarm clock. No morning rush with a given meltdown trying to get out the door on time. Usually mine!

How do you hold onto summer?
Mine is all the good beer summer brings. So today with only days till Labor Day, as the chilly air creeps in I will sit with my face to the sun and sip on a grapefruit shandy. Hold onto the feeling and taste of summer a little longer.


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