Birthday parties are always so exciting. It brings back lots of fun memories for me and how exciting it was to be having my own birthday party’s when I was little.
Now as a mom I feel the day is just as much my day as it is hers. I love remembering the actual birthday and all the moments leading up to bringing a new child into the world. It’s such a cool celebration and I love being able to make it special for each one of my kids.

My second child is my arts and crafts girl. For her birthday she wanted to do tie-dye T-shirts. I went to Michaels and picked up a kit with just 3 colors and it gives alll the instructions and materials which made it super easy.

I love when it’s my second daughters birthday because it’s 2 weeks before Halloween. We get to decorate the house in all Halloween decorations and this year with her being my arts and crafts girl we made fun Halloween foods.

We made witch’s fingers, mummy pigs in a blanket and a skeleton vegetable guy (how could we resist… he’s so cute!). Instead of a cake we made these Frankenstein’s. My daughter and I found most of these ideas on Pinterest.

Planning the party with her was half the fun. I know nowadays people get away from doing parties in their homes. With some prep work it allowed me of to sit back and really enjoy my daughter, her enjoyment and her friends. It was also a nice time for me to listen to their conversation and get to know the other girls in her class.


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