Live edge wood serving piece

I always get inspired this time a year with all the natural raw materials. Last year for Thanksgiving I wanted to try something new for my centerpiece. I ordered this piece of dark walnut off of Amazon it’s about 5 feet long and pretty narrow. My other inspiration for this piece is that I wanted it to be something that I am able to use in many different ways. I wanted to use it as a serving board on Wednesday night and a centerpiece on Thanksgiving Day.

There are two really great options a raw finish or polished look depending on what you’re going for here are instructions for both.

Raw finish:
I sanded both sides of the board. The edges were so beautiful with the bark that I left it on. I used a food grade mineral oil and worked it into the wood using a soft cloth. I would let it dry and continue with 3-5 more coats. This creates a barrier that makes it food safe without changing the texture or look of the wood.

More polished:
I started by chipping all the bark off and lightly sanded the edges. I used a tongue oil with a soft cloth and really worked it into all the surfaces of the board. Let it dry for an hour then use a fine sandpaper and buffed it lightly. Repeat the tongue oil and sanding till you get the desired sheen. This one was done 7 Times!

The nigh before Thanksgiving I like to serve something really light and easy (no cooking!) so I use this as a cheese and meat tray. It holds a ton of stuff. So I can do cheese, meat, bread, olives, apples and almonds all on one board!
Then the next day for Thanksgiving I’ll flip it the other direction because you see more of the raw edge live edge of the wood Which makes for a really beautiful centerpiece. I take 3 larger jelly jars and place a small battery operated tea light in each. I place the board on top of them which elevates everything and creates a little bit more space on my table. I love the glow from the candles and how it illuminated the center of the table. I then place all my flowers in small bud vases on top this way it creates a nice flow for conversation at the table.

How do you decorate your table?


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