I’m always trying to find more meaningful ways to stay in the Christmas spirit. I guess it goes back to having traditions I liked as a kid. Traditions that I want to pass on to my kids and make this season special for them.
My sisters and I used to always have an advent calendar. It hung in our hallway right outside our bedrooms. It was made out of felt with little velcro Christmas characters. We would move one character from the calendar to the tree above. I remember how fun that was to move the pieces. I also remember how much we used to fight over it! Who would could run down the hall the fastest to get to it first! Who got to put the final piece on the tree Christmas Day…. aha sibling love!
This must be why I always do advent calendars (no not for the fighting!) tradition! I usually do the chocolate ones. This year I’m trying to limit some of the sugar we eat just because I feel like we consumed way too much of it! I found these beautiful charm bracelet advent calendars. On day one you get the bracelet and then each day after you get a charm.

I gave them to my girls on the first day of Advent and told him that we were not doing the chocolate ones to my surprise they were really excited about having the bracelets. Every morning they wake up they run downstairs to open and see what new charm they get! It’s kind of cute to see how if someone’s gets there early the other ones will say “don’t tell me, don’t tell me I want to see when I open it”.

I get to see their excitement of opening a little present on every day. I’m trying to focus on advent as being the time of waiting. I use the word advent and what that means and what we’re waiting for. For me it’s a nice daily reminder of this time of the year and I am seeing it through my kids eyes. Really cool!

For myself I also did something special. I signed up for 31 Days of Gifts You Deserve by Courtney Carver. My sister recommended this a few years ago. My kids were really little and I always thought I have too much to do there’s no way I could read an extra email. There’s no way I could take time for myself… everyday! But now only a few years later I realize how important this me time is and I wish I would of done it sooner.
The email is in my inbox early each morning. It’s the first thing I read when I wake up. Courtney writes inspirational quotes/ideas or different things you can do. It’s a really thoughtful, mindful inspirational almost like a daily affirmation but not that cheesy. Today is stay in your PJ’s all day I’m sure it won’t fully happen but I’m gonna try my best!
How do you celebrate these days leading up to Christmas?


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  1. Jerilyn
    December 5, 2017 / 3:48 pm

    Loved it sissy! Very well written. I love the old and new traditions.

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