Delayed school!

It’s probably one of the best calls to get early in the morning. Delayed opening! This morning I was up early. I open my blinds and saw the blanket of snow on the ground. Like a kid I’m still excited about these days. I ran into my kids bedrooms and took their alarm clocks out so they can sleep in. I love being able to enjoy a little “me time” in the morning.

For my kids delayed opening means pancakes! On normal school days it’s just something I don’t have time to do. We’re always crunched for time just to get out the door. So pancakes on a school morning are such a treat.
With four kids that’s a lot of pancakes.

I have 3 tricks!


I used to always make my own from scratch. I love mixing all the ingredients and using of flaxseed, wheat germ, applesauce because they are super healthy and really tasty. I finally found a box brand that’s just as healthy and has similar ingredients. And I have to do is add water!


I love this one I can get 3 times more pancakes cooking. Although you do have to be careful with the safety of the kids around the edges of the counter because it is easier to reach hand over and touch it.


I love mine! Honestly, it’s the one random kitchen gadget that I use all the time! You can actually write with it. Happy birthday! Happy Father’s Day!….. you get the point. My kids get a kick out of it!

How do you spend your mornings on snow days?


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