Food hangover

How do you spend New Year’s Day? It’s my husbands family’s tradition to binge eat and watch bowl games. This is one tradition I happily took on!
It’s a fun day of total gluttony.
I’m usually a pretty disciplined when it comes to my diet, so it’s fun to have this day off. I just throw my hands in the air and enjoy every second of it.

It’s usually followed by a late night out with too much bubbly.

It’s the last day before it’s back to the grind, the last day of winter break before school starts up again. So WHY would we start our New Years resolutions on January 1. Instead we gorge ourselves with food!

This year the menu started with potato skins!
I love laying on the couch dreaming of what’s next on the menu. I don’t even get out of my pajamas!

That why I’m calling it a food hangover. It makes the next day hard, when that alarm goes off, it’s pure pain, but we leave nothing left to want. We enjoyed all the main junk food groups… processed, sweets and anything that’s microwaveable in a bag!

There will be many days in January when we are eating out usual dinner of lean protein and veggies, we will talk about how great our new year day feast was. It definitely gets me through January thinking back on this wonderful day of enjoying everything. Fantasize about it, and keep us motivated!


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