Valentine’s Day cards…

…no Pintrest tips here!

Valentine’s Day cards are are on my brain… and all over my dining room table! What can I say in years past I’ve spent hours searching Pinterest and looking for the perfect card for each of my kids. I’ll buy all the supplies spent 20 minutes in line and $200 at a crafting store to make it the “perfect” Valentine’s Day ever. The kids are excited to open everything, stamp everything put stickers (mostly on my furniture) and definitely use as much glitter as possible (yes my fault for buying it… i know, but it’s just to pretty) they are so excited for about the first 2 cards. Then Mommy dearest is up till 11 o’clock finishing the rest. Secretly I do love a good craft project but now with 4 school aged kids that’s almost 100 cards!
I’ve done that for years and accumulated a whole arts and crafts bin just for Valentine’s Day!

Now I buy these boxed cards they are the best. Some come with a pretty cool little toy or something small to do! Each box of is under three dollars at Walmart. I shop early about now! The selection is amazing. But don’t wait too long or the good ones are gone.

I like it especially for my younger kids because they get practice writing names on the cards. Usually by going through the class list with them it sparks some convo about the other kids in their class. It’s more info then I get all year!

Out of my four girls one of them is my arts and crafts girl. She’ll take out the bin from Valentines past and spend hours writing special notes and adding her own flair to the existing Valentines.

It might be a pink explosion but it’s their creative mess not mine!


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