Organizing my kids closet… again!

I was so frustrated with my kids last week. I spent a lot of time organizing their closet in the fall when I switched out the summer clothes for the winter ones.

I lost it!
I grabbed a large bag and anything that was left on the floor I stuffed into the bag… yes right in front of them… I was still on my “maid Mom” rant.
But after they went to school I went back in their closet and realized they just had too much stuff!

I spent some time going through what they really wear. Then took out the rest. I donated half and kept the other half for hand-me-downs.


Comand hooks for the things they wear most… let’s be real they aren’t going to put it on a hanger

Label everything! I use mailing labels because they are quick easy and look nice. Each drawer has a category. Pajamas, uniform, undies, sports, shirts, leggings, skirts… etc. This way anyone (even my husband) can find it.

Skip folding unless you find it relaxing
I find it to be a huge waste of time. Unless you going GAP style and can tidy up everyday it’s not going to stay folded. You know the kids going to pull the shirt from the bottom of the pile and leave the rest in a heap.


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