Super Bowl for kids

This is an easy way to keep kids in the game… pay them! Just kidding. Well kind of!

Every Super Bowl we make a game board like this one.

It has 100 boxes I write one team on the top and the other on the side.
We have six players. So we divide 100 by 6. Kids get 17 boxes and adults gets 16 boxes we write our first initial in that amount of boxes.

Cut out 10 small pieces of paper write 0-9 and toss the numbers into a hat.

Have your kids pick a number out of the hat for each team and write the numbers across. Put all the numbers back in the hat and pick again. Write the numbers going down. My kids love to pick the numbers (or fight over who gets to pick) land write them numbers going down.

They get $1 for:
– each score
– end of first-quarter score
– end of second-quarter
– end of third-quarter
– for the winner of the game

You can adjust the money to what works best for you. But it does make the game exciting and usually everyone wins a little something!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!


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