Mask Monday-Shake and Shot

Today I tried this new mask by Dr. Jart+. I was really excited to try it because their other hydrating mask was amazing.

So when I saw this new one with such cool packaging I was psyched to try it. It came with 2 packs that you shake together. It was fun I felt like a kid doing a science experiment. The packaging was cool too… with words like this!

Once it was mixed I started to apply it right away the mask didn’t go on very smooth so instead of using the spatula I started to use my hands. It must of started to rubberized. So I went back to using the spatula to smooth it out.

I left it on for 20 minutes. It was pretty cool to peal off. I didn’t find it to be very hydrating I actually felt it to be very drying. This might be better for someone who has more oily skin. But for me I need something much more hydrating.

It was also quite messy. I guess I’m more of a sheet mask girl.

Let me know if you try this mask on combo or oily skin and if you felt it to be the right amount of hydration?


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