Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentines Day!  I love this day… what a fun day to celebrate love.  ❤️ 💗 💘

This year was nice because my kids got to celebrate a day earlier at school due to Ash Wednesday falling on Feb 14th this year.

The day snuck up on me!  I double booking on 2 of my kids class parties (woops!) No prep on the “healthy” snack for my kids 5th graders class till 10pm the night before… Shoot!  I usually on top of these things… so I thought strawberries!

I pulled the steam off and cut the top in a V shape then took a 4 inch skewer and bow and arrowed it through 2 hearts.

Next year when I do this again I might even add a little more arrow details… Im thinking a triangle point on one end and feathers on the other…ha lets be real… prob won’t happen.  But its a good thought.


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