Pam’s place

We are spending the week skiing in Colorado. This has been such a great week. I can’t believe it’s half over. My mom has a close friend who’s a sorority sister of hers they’ve been friends since college. Pam has a nice big place in Keystone, Colorado. Its me and my 4 kids, my sister, her husband, their 2 kids and my parents.

When I was little my parents use to take me and my 2 sisters skiing. We started by taking weekend trips to local ski places. When we got older we traveled further.

I love skiing. The way the boots click on your feet. Getting on the lift early in the morning. The first run. How good and accomplished you feel at the end of a ski day. The cold air that doesn’t bother you because your all bundled up. The smell of wood burning fires hanging between the mountains.

I want my kids to enjoy skiing as much as I do and I knew by bringing them here they would fall in love with skiing too.

It’s fun being together. It’s like coming home. It’s nice to be the child and let my parents take care of me. I get organized. Get my kids up and out the door. My dad cooks breakfast and every night my mom has dinner prepared and waiting. It’s nice to not have to do it all.

As a kid I remember all the places we stayed. The little nuances a kid would remember. The small stuff. As my kids are enjoy their week here I know that they will take some great memories with them.

Maybe for them it’s the view of the mountain from their bedroom window.

The tall stone fireplace they they danced in front of.

The view from a special loft bedroom.

So thanks to Pam’s Place for bring us all back together to spend this time making memories.
With all the things we have and all that I am grateful for it’s the time spent together and the love shared. The legacy we leave behind and the stories that are carried on that will live with our kids forever.


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