Heart Cocktail

I can’t believe today is the last day in February!  I know its always a quick month but… wow!

Ive been holding on to this Heart Cocktail recipe all month… so I guess it now our never. I had to make sure it was perfect… lot of trial runs… its a tough job but someones got to check in for the right alcohol content 😉

I thought about this all month because February because its American Heart Month. nhlbi.nig.gov


This is a great recipe too because its healthy! Lets face it if you made it through this season unscathed good for you!  With all the talk of worst flu season almost behind us it feels good to see the sun today and enjoy some warmer weather.   Anyone who has young kids knows how tough the winter months can be.  Sending these little petrie dishes off and they pick up all kinds of random germs and bringing them home… lovely.  Lots of missed school days and don’t even get me started about the stomach bug!  Ugh! Pretty much going down with something every other week since Christmas… bring on spring!

If you need a boost half of this is good for you immunity and the other half of the drink is good if you have been spending lots of time home with sick kids 👍🏻

Juice Mix (Immunity part)

1 can of beets

2 celery stalks

1 apple cored and pealed

put all ingredient in a food processor till smooth

strain and set aside

Mama’s part

2oz White tequila (I tossed a few rosemary sprigs and infused the tequila first)

1/2oz Mezcal

1/2oz Notion Amaro (grapa)

1 lemon

orange coin (cut into a heart optional❤️)

2oz Juice mix

pour over ice in a shaker… shake and pour into martini or coup glass

flame the orange coin for 3 seconds squeeze and toss into the drink (this gives it a warm early smell)



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