GlamGlow Glitter Mask

I love this mask! I love the packaging! I love the way it smells! Can you tell I’m excited about it. It’s was a beautiful mask to wear and fun to put on and peal off. It’s a great mask to share with a friend. (Thanks to Michaela for modeling the mask!)

When you open the box it comes with a little paint brush it feels so good to paint the mask on your skin and has a nice cooling effect.

Then it gets a little tingly feeling while it begins to dry. This mask takes longer then most that I’ve tried. You need to keep it on for 20 -30 minutes. For me 30 minutes is a long time but it has to fully dry to be able to peel it off. It did a great job exfoliating.

For my skin it’s a little too drying. It was so absolutely beautiful to wear and I for the first 10-15 minutes I could still move my face and it didn’t really get that tight. But I was so excited to keep his mask on! Loved how it glittered. I felt so beautiful with it on. It was fun to peak it off too. Let me know how you like it?!?


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