International beauty show

Such amazing convention the other week at the international beauty show. I was In heaven! All these products all in one place. It was quite overwhelming. I wish I would of spent 2 days there… oh well there’s always next year. It’s one of the longest running beauty conventions so the amount of venders was amazing.

I’ve always been obsessed with anything beauty related. Hair, nails, skin! When I was little I would spend hours at my local pharmacy reading labels looking at packaging. I would read boxes and take the claims to heart. I’ve tried so many different products. It’s just fun!

It probably started when I was as young at 10 years old… I would go to the library in the summer and for 10 cents I could buy all their old magazines. I would read them cover to cover. Read all the stories, try all the new ways to “keep in shape”, “have great skin”, “pick the perfect wedding dress” (yes! There were a few bridal magazines thrown in there)…. And of course I would have to try as many of the products as they recommended and as many as I, (my mom) could afford. I would spend the whole summer looking through and studying the magazines. It’s probably one of the reasons why I went into graphic design.

So to me this show brought the magazine days back to life. I was blown away by how many products were offered at the show. I’d love to try them all! I’d like to know more of the science behind them. I love to learn the marketing behind some of these brands.

What gets you excited? What is a topic you can go on for hours and hours about?


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