Ultimate relief mask

Today I get to try out this brand new mask.  It haven’t even hit the market yet!  Han’s Peptide skincare ultimate relief mask. I was given one at the international beauty show after spending some time talking the the sales department. It’s amazing! Just the science behind it is exceptional. You’re supposed to use it after you have a pretty invasive treatment such as fractal or a chemical peel. For my skin right now those are a little too harsh so I opted for a 30% glycolic peel.  Usually after I have a glycolic peel my face is quite red but after using this mask the redness was gone

The mask is much thicker then any other sheet mask I’ve used in the past. And the hydration I am getting is quite amazing.

I kept it on as long as I could because it just kept soaking in it seems like the mask itself never really dried out. I feel like this mask is the best of both worlds if you do some sort of peel your skin is working really hard from inside and then you put this mask on and it’s doing the same thing from the outside.

You can read the science behind the mask here



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