Glitter cocktail

I love to throw a party. It makes me feel like a kid on my birthday. When I was little my birthday was so exciting. I would get so excited leading up to the party. I love hosting party’s and I loved being invited to a party’s.

So not much has changed!
I love hearing the doorbell ring when the first guest arrives. I love seeing each person who comes through the door. I feel my house becoming warmer with the buzz of a party. The excited talk that happens.

I love party’s! My house your house…. it doesn’t matter where it is when all these wonderful people come together thats what makes a party so fun.

Personally, for me, party’s always start with a little inspiration. For this party I was thinking glitter!

I decided to have this party about 24 hours before it happened so I wanted to keep it simple. My friends helped bring some appetizers. How great are good friends. Plus what they bring is always the best of what they make. Then I just filled it in with 2 hearty apps.

I always focus on the drink. This time it had to be super simple but because it was a cocktail party I wanted it to be elegant.

Glitter being my inspiration I chose a gold rimed coupe glasses. Sticking with the gold/glitter I used gold cocktail forks with a rasbery and poured on the bubbly.

Generally at a party I love to be able to greet my guests, but when having a larger party I tend to get sucked into the kitchen.
I find a nice inviting way to great the guests is to have a cocktail waiting at a small table right by my front door.

What are some of your tricks/tips for party’s?


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