The pregnant Virgin Mary for Easter

Well not quite… but it was such a fun name I couldn’t resist… plus I put tequila in my drink!

Yesterday my sister-in-law, Mary came over. She pregnant with #3 and wanted a fun non-alcoholic drink.

So there were 3 questions I asked? What’s your favorite flower, fruit and herb?

Her response was:
Flower – I love them all don’t have a favorite but I love spring flowers with bright colors- tulips and daffodils

Fruit – hard to say I love coconut drinks but I think that is a seed – l love watermelon can eat tons when I have the chance

Herb – mint… in food, drinks and toothpaste!

So I decided to do a watermelon coconut drink.

1/2 small watermelon juice strained
3 -7 stalks of mint
1/2 lime
1/2 can full fat coconut
1/4 banana

– muddle the mint and watermelon together strain
– place the strained mint and watermelon in a blender
– add the remaining ingredients
– add ice
– blend

I love to make drinks look all fancy so I use the remaining stalks. Pull off the bottom leaves and rested it in a martini glass. I cut a wedge of watermelon and place it over the edge of the glass.

Yields 4 (for my drink I poured in 1 shot of tequila)



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