Spring cleaning

My kids were off school today. It’s April and we have a snow day! So what better thing to do then a little spring cleaning.

Here’s the before shot:

It can feel overwhelming to tackle all that needs to be cleaned so I start small.
I am going to clean out my junk closet. This is a space that ends up as my landing zone for any random object in my house.

To keep my kids busy I gave my them the task of clean out their closets. They need to make 2 piles. 1 of winter clothes that they will wear again next year and another of clothes that will be too small. As they do that I can tackle my project.

First I take everything out! It always gets worse before it gets better. Then figure out categories. I use these black chalk board stickers. I got mine on amazon. They offer a lot of different sizes and I like that they have fancy shapes. It’s a quick easy way to make it look nice and I label like crazy.

I always like to be able to tell my husband and kids (the ones who can read) to go in the closet because they will be able to find what they are looking for.
Seriously label everything
Here are some examples:

Here’s the after shot:


I like to keep an empty bin for a dropping random thing in. This way when I still keep the original pourpose of the closet but it stays a bit more organized. And when the bin gets full then I will organize again!


Next I’ve got to get to my closet… that one always takes a full day…. maybe I’ll start when they are all in school!


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