April showers

This week finally feels like spring. It’s been such a long, cold and snowy winter. I love winter but this year it was getting a bit ridiculous how long it lasted. I mean really… snow in mid April! 

I may be crazy to admit I love winter especially when we getting snow days. I love hunkering down snuggling up and not having anywhere to be or anything to do. 

This year because of all the April snow spring sports were delayed by a solid month.  I  be enjoyed having this time with my girls and not running around like an idiot to all the sports. It was a really nice break. 

But now I’m ready, ready to see the sun ready to be outside ready for spring! The first few days of this week were gorgeous! Perfect spring weather. All the trees were just waiting for this weather to bloom and they are beautiful! 

Today it’s raining but April showers bring May flowers. Right! So now it’s time to put away the winter boots and enjoy spring!


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