Why was I so angry today. No seriously a total grouch… did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed? 

From the moment one of my kids jumped in my bed and pealed my eye open I was a crabby beast.  Getting woken up sucks but to be expected. Just part of the “job” but I could‘t shake it this morning. 

I yelled at my older kid for not studying flash cards for todays test. Then after shoving the older 2 out the door… like “see ya” I had to take my younger 2 to their yearly checkup doctor visits. Well we didn’t even make it out of the driveway before I erupted on them for… who knows… Not having their shoes on? Not getting in the car by the 50th time I asked. Not buckling in?

Oh right and pouring my morning coffee into a to go cup because by now I’ve  reheated it twice and after 3 hours of being awake I haven’t even taken a sip. 

Well I asked for a quiet 10 minute car ride and to my surprise I got it!  I listened to some music… enjoyed seeing the sun shine, and drank my coffee. Just like that the dark cloud lifted.

How many mornings are like this? How easy or hard is it to turn it around?


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