A girls got to have choices

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at HomeGoods… my favorite store!  I get so excited there because the options are endless. I’m always inspired by color, texture, and just the overwhelming amount of stuff they offer. 

Today’s trip was to update the bench seat in my kitchen. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to feel like I’ve  I redecorated a room. The pillows I have in my window set we’re looking sad (and a little gross) considering they spend most of their time on the floor and in my house which is a very scary place. 

My favorite section in HomeGoods is definitely the pillows! It’s probably why I bought wayyyy to many of them! Me… go a little overboard… yes… I have to hold myself back when I’m at HomeGoods but yesterday I went a bit nuts. It ok… I’ll return what doesn’t work. Which is way easier then trying to find just one more!

Heres my tips when picking pillows: stay within a color scheme and pick out different sizes and textures or patterns.  I grouped mine into 3 looks:

Lavender Parisian theme

Black & white with a pop of pink

Hawaiian greens

Check out my Instagram and see how it looked once I got home! And vote on your fav?!?

I know my favorite… what’s your vote?


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