Spring! Time to get gardening done!

Spring! It’s finally here! Today I could not wait to get my hands in the earth. It was a perfect gardening day. My 4 year old and I were at the nursery bright and early.  We spend an hour just meandering around. 


All I want to do is to create an outdoor space for myself (mostly) and my family (some of the time) where we can hang out. A place where it feels like a getaway. For me that my back deck.  Thats why I get so excited when the weather turns because I gain an extra room. 

I want this space to be an oasis. No toys! No kids stuff. Just a place to hang out with my kids without all their crap. I love to listen to music enjoy the sounds of nature and usually my kids call of the wild!

I get crazy when the day arrives because I know I have to get as much done as possible usually in one day! Once the plants are planted then I can kick back and enjoy it. So I get to work. When I get to the nursery I check out whats in season now. I try to stay in one color scheme. Today it’s bright greens, hot pinks and purples.

I buy a few things then bring them home arrange as much as I can then sketch out a plan and come up with a list of what else I need. I go back and buy what’s on my list. This saves me from making multiple trips. 

Then I get to planting. This is the quick, fun and messy part I LOVE! I love being outside. I love having this “me time” knowing how much enjoyment it s going to bring over the next few months. 


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  1. Anonymous
    May 11, 2018 / 1:01 pm

    Designing with a purpose is important to you. You are passionate about color!

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