Last day of school!!!!!

I can’t believe another school year is over.  This past month flew by with dance recital‘s, end of the year ceremonies, last games… lots of lasts. As the spring went on my husband and I marveled at the weekends we didn’t have to divide up to get kids to their all their different events.  All of this hard work and focus on the week to week for each kids particular grade is now lifted.

The excitement of knowing what summers lazy days are going to be.  Not having to rush out of the house in the morning. No schedules!

Now this week comes lots of prep. I try to turn the house over from school to summer. Change out uniforms to swimsuits and coverups. 

Also do some prep for next years school year so in August I’m able to hold on to summer a bit longer. 

I wash and pack up all the uniforms. Order supplies. My biggest tip is ordering contact paper for wrapping all the books because if I wait till the fall it always sell out. 

Here’s a link for my favorite:

The reason I like this one so much is because most brands only offer it in 18-20 inches and you end up having to spend more time cutting. This particular one is only 13 inches which fits books perfectly. 

What are your tips and tricks for getting ready for summer?


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