Settling into summer

I had myself a little retail therapy… I have to admit I’m a sucker for the seasonal sections at Walmart and Target. As I walk through the aisles I find myself being sucked in by the thoughts of all the family fun activities,  playing croquet in my backyard, chasing my kids around with water guns. So I can’t help myself, I fill up my cart with all the “essentials”. Maybe I even feel a little intimidated by the summer knowing that my kids are going to be my responsibility… for… the… whole…. summer!

I went a bit nuts!

Here’s the breakdown:

Sunscreen- and lots of it. With a family of 6 that a lot of sunscreen!  Walmart has the best prices and large bottles with a pump. My favorite brand is No Ad (stands for no advertisement, that’s why you’ve never heard of it!) but it works the best. They came out with a new baby one and it’s the only one that works on my kids sensitive faces (seriously no tears! Ok so it goes on a bit think but it works)

Water guns- easy summer fun and mama gets the 5 barrel one…. all I need is a bucket next to my chair and I don’t even have to move!

Sprinkler hose- 

Sidewalk chalk-

Baby pool- or slip n slide

Beach bag essentials- cetaphil face wipes, rose face spray, dry shampoo, spray leave in conditioner (it’s coconut scent I couldn’t pass it up!)

Ball game- here’s a new one! Ladder ball

Ok so let’s be real all this crap is unnecessary kids are so good at using their imaginations and they really don’t need all this stuff but right now I do!  I want to create a sense of fun for them. In the end the stuff won’t last more then this season. We will enjoy it, use it but what will last will be all the memories that these long days of summer will leave with us. 


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