Everyone needs a break! This year my summer vacation was my break it’s the first time in 12 years that I really feel like it was a vacation. Now that my kids are a little bit older (my youngest is four) it was the best  “time off” I’ve gotten. My kids were able to get up on their own make themselves breakfast and I was able to sleep in! Just sleep….It’s amazing how good that feels. 

There’s also time for me to sit with myself and reflect. With no school, no camp, no schedule and no where to be, we really got to spend a lot of time just being. 

I started this blog about a year ago knowing that my youngest was entering into preschool and I’d have a few hours a week to myself for me I needed this time to be creative and I was looking forward to sharing some of the stories I feel other moms don’t share. That hasn’t been an easy task. It’s easier to share the good things. I love beauty, cocktails, organizing and sharing tips. Those stories are important to me as well. I find that the real stories are the ones I’ve sprinkled in between the good stuff.  Without the challenging times we wouldn’t have the good stuff. 

I’ve really enjoyed this break, a break from writing, editing, taking and editing pictures. I’ve  had some time to reflect. It’s been nice to put down the phone and just be. 


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